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Lori Giovannoni


Lori Giovannoni is an award-winning speaker, author and businesswoman. Lori's clients include small business, as well as Fortune 500 companies and departments within federal, state and city governments, including Shazam Inc, EWI, and Habitat for Humanity to name a few. 

Lori has carved a niche in leadership development for women. More than 250,000 people have had the opportunity to hear Lori speak or participate in one of her leadership programs.


“You are as talented and inspiring a speaker as you are gracious and kind."

Theresa Collins - MG Utah Support Group Leaders

A long-time member of EWI, Lori has a history of volunteering in her local community. Her contributions have earned her many awards among which include The Athena Award.

As the Dean of Executive Women International's Academy of Leadership, Lori has designed developed all the courses that comprise The Academy of Leadership.



Giovannoni has authored books including:

  • Success Redefined: Notes to a Working Woman
  • and her latest, The Law of Achievement  

Lori Giovannoni & Associates

As owner of the firm, Giovannoni has provided training for organizations who want their employees to have stellar presentation skills. Clients include those in the field of medical sales, architect firms, construction firms, professional associations, among others.

Her expertise has been requested nation wide and her ability to take a presentation from acceptable to exceptional is undeniable. 

In addition, communication skills and team building skills are a frequent request by Giovannoni's clients. Over the course of her career Lori has addressed well over 250,000 people either through in-house training or as a keynote for annual meetings.

 photo by The Claremont Courier

photo by The Claremont Courier


An entertaining and inspirational keynote/presentation that explores our cultural models of work, success and productivity. You'll discover how the rules of success and of work have changed and how those changes impact your employees and your customers.  You'll laugh at Lori's wit and agree with her wisdom. Success Redefined will give you new insight, boosting morale, improving the work environment, and increasing productivity. Her program covers areas of:

  1.  Presentation, Communication & Leadership skills for success
  2. How to create High-Performing Teams
  3.  Advanced presentation skills for success

Lori Giovannoni's seminars are designed for individuals that are serious about creating success through powerful presentations.

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