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Christine Sintay


Christine Sintay was born and raised in South Florida. She is married to Jeff Sintay of 22 years, who is also part of the Aflac family. Christine has two daughters, Taylor 20 years old and Ashleigh 17 years old.  Christine started her career with Alfac in 2006 as an agent in Florida South East. Christine has a held a position as a State Trainer in Florida South East, and as a District in Florida North. As a District, Christine was continuously a to top performer in Florida North in total AP, New Associate AP, #1 in Recruits, and #1 in New Accounts opened. In 2013 Christine was promoted to RSC and relocated back to FL-S. She held the RSC position for 4 years and worked under MKD, Beth Kimbrough. Christine was the #1 recruiter, a back to back Career Builder qualifier, top performer in New Associate AP, New Accounts and hitting sales quota and FAMES.  Christine is known for building teams, creating a winning culture, and being a relentless leader. In 2017 Christine was promoted to MKD and is currently the Market Director for UT/NV-S.


Christine enjoys spending her time with her husband and daughters, and loves to create events for friends and family gatherings…she even makes up fake holidays to do so! When she is not with family and friends, she enjoys reading and music, and her favorite place to be is on the beach. Lastly, Christine is a South Florida Native, and is also a huge football fan of the Miami Dolphins! Christine is extremely happy and honored to be part of the West Territory and continues to be queen of culture and builder of leaders!